Harrisonburg, VA

Harrisonburg, VA

Serving the Harrisonburg, VA Community

Harrisonburg is ideally located in the Shenandoah Valley region as an independent city. The city has a rich history and has a part in the American Civil War. The James Madison University, named after President James Madison, is located here. Harrisonburg was once known as Rocktown before it was named after Thomas Harrison. We at East Coast Investigations, Inc. have been serving the Harrisonburg community for years, offering professional investigative field surveillance services.

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We have been providing investigative surveillance services to our clients in Harrisonburg and the Commonwealth of Virginia for years. We are fully licensed and accredited and all our private investigators are registered and experienced to provide field surveillance tasks.

We at East Coast Investigations, Inc. provide investigative services for different cases and situations including infidelity, child custody, identity theft, missing person, phone tap detection, criminal background checks, traffic accidents, personal injury, and corporate surveillance among others. Our private investigators have maintained solid reputation with our clients and the general Harrisonburg community for years. Our personnel work with law firms, private individuals and organizations across different sectors.

Our team of specialized investigators is always striving to deliver the highest quality services. We offer the best of professional and friendly approach. Regular situation assessments and efficient resource allocation are part of our investigative process.

If you have any queries, doubts or concerns about your case, feel free to reach us instantly. Our team will put you in touch with a specialized investigator who will have the right experience relevant to your case. Whatever type of case or situation you may have, we recommend that you should get in touch with us without wasting a moment. If you are in the Harrisonburg area call us today at 800-840-8510.
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