Background Investigations

Background Investigations

Complete Background Checks by our Specialists

When creating a new business or adding employees to your roster, especially in positions where trust is of the utmost importance, it is critical that you can feel confident that they have been truthful about their past to ensure a secure future. At East Coast Investigations, Inc., we provide background checks that cover every possible element, from criminal investigation to character evaluation.

Prevent disaster 

Our team of professional detectives is adept at digging up all sorts of information about potential employees when performing background checks. Over the years, East Coast Investigations, Inc. has developed a number of formulas and resources that prove highly effective when conducting background checks throughout the United States. All of the evidence we gather is admissible as evidence in a court of law, so you can feel comfortable that if anything turns up, you will have a strong case in your favor.

For more information about the process involved in our background checks, please feel free to contact us or complete the brief form on our contact page and a member of our staff will respond to you quickly and confidentially.

"We have been using ECI for over 10 years for all our screening needs. They are very accurate and return results back quickly. They are investigators and not a website. They are an amazing group of men and women."
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