Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody Investigations

Resolve your Child Custody Problems in Virginia

Children are the most important asset to consider in any divorce situation. At East Coast Investigations, Inc., we know that helping the concerned parent is effectively as important as helping the child or children in a custody matter. 

We take child custody problems seriously and work closely with each client to provide accurate information and surveillance services to ensure the child ends up in the right hands. Fathers and mothers, as well as their lawyers, use ECI services to document cases of wrongdoing by the spouse that will end up having an effect on the court's decision in child custody cases.

Covering all the bases

East Coast Investigations, Inc. is a proven investigative resource for divorce attorneys and their clients when it comes to child custody problems. Whether your circumstances involve a cheating spouse, substance abuse by drug addicted parents, alcoholic parents or child endangerment of any kind, the child’s safety is of vital concern. Our certified professional detectives can help you build a strong case to bring the issue to its proper result.

We proudly serve clients throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you are experiencing child custody problems, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

"I hired this company at (7 pm) they answer the phone. With only 1 hour notice they conducted a phone intake and dispatched an investigator to my location. They followed my spouse to her location with my child. This was needed for a child custody case. I had hired another PI and they could never respond to my needs, nor ever keep up with her during the surveillance. This company is still working for me but I just wanted to make a post because I needed a great company and found one."
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