GPS Service

GPS Service

State-of-the-Art GPS Tracking

Our agency rents state-of-the-art GPS Tracking units to assist in certain investigations. It is a criminal offense to install a GPS tracking device on your own vehicle by yourself, however the law in Virginia allows licensed Private Investigators to install GPS units on vehicles owned by our clients. We will need a copy of the registration or title.

The tracking system is a real-time device which transmits its location every 10 seconds while in motion. The device is a self-contained unit which can be installed without access to the inside of the vehicle and takes 5 seconds to attach. It has a battery that can last for approximately 120 days if needed (depending on how far and how often the vehicle is driven). During the rental period, our investigators will monitor the movements and discuss patterns with clients. We can also set up Geo Fences to alert staff of locations that are suspicious, run reports and playback history at later dates.

Tracking Devices For Rent

If you would like to rent a tracking device or add it to your investigation, please call your local office to discuss. Please locate the office nearest to you and get in touch with our investigative team.
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